Days and Times

Please enquire to check availability.

Fees and Payment

The fee for a 50 minute counselling session is £45. Fees are payable in advance by online bank transfer (details provided on request) or by PayPal. To pay for a booked counselling session by PayPal please click here

Counselling Sessions

50 minute counselling sessions are usually arranged at the same time on a weekly basis. I work with clients on a short-term (suggested minimum 3 sessions) or longer term basis, depending on the level of support required (discussed in first appointment). Where a client is too unwell to attend for 50 minutes, a shorter session may be arranged.

Cancellation Policy

The full fee is usually payable for any counselling sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. Where a client feels too unwell to attend for a full 50 minutes due to nausea or vomiting mid-session, a reduced fee may be charged (discussed in first appointment).

Telephone Use

Clients ‘attend’ counselling sessions by telephoning me on the Hyperemesis Counselling landline telephone number at the agreed time. It is preferable for us both to use a landline telephone so that we can hear each other clearly. Where this is not possible, you may use a mobile telephone. You are encouraged to call from somewhere that is private and comfortable and where you will not be interrupted.


My counselling practice fully adheres to the BACP Ethical Framework Good Practice guidelines on confidentiality, and the General Data Protection Regulations. Further details are provided to all clients prior to first appointment.

First Appointment

The initial part of your first appointment will take the form of an assessment. You will be invited to tell me something about your experience of pregnancy sickness, and what you might be looking for from counselling. I will ask you some questions to make sure that how I work is appropriate for you. We will establish whether it feels right for us to work together, and the kind of support that might be most helpful going forward.

To contact me by email to book a first appointment please click here