My Way of Working

Pluralistic Counselling is based on an understanding that ‘different clients need different things at different points in time'. It treats every person as a whole, tailoring counselling techniques to their individual preferences and personal circumstances.

My way of working draws on person-centred and solution-focussed training whilst also incorporating knowledge, skills and experience around pregnancy sickness, and a wide range of theoretical concepts and strategies that can be helpful to clients.

Short or Long Term
I work with clients on a short term (suggested minimum of 3 sessions) or longer term basis, depending on the level of support required. This is discussed during the first appointment.

By Telephone
Evidence suggests that counselling clients on the telephone can be as effective as working face to face. I have chosen to work in this way with clients affected by pregnancy sickness for a number of reasons: Women who are currently suffering with nausea and/or vomiting may find it difficult to leave their homes to attend a local counselling agency. They may feel uncomfortable around not being able to wash or care for their personal appearance when they are so unwell. They may need to lie down or vomit during a counselling session. The energy required to travel to a counselling session may not be available to them. And when symptoms have eased and a woman is more focussed on recovery from pregnancy sickness, there may not be any specialist counselling services available in her local area. Counselling by telephone can take place in the comfort and familiarity of a client’s home, enabling her own individual needs to remain at the forefront throughout each session.

In Partnership
As a qualified and experienced Counsellor, my work focuses on clients' emotional and psychological wellbeing. I am not medically trained and am therefore not in a position to advise clients regarding medical care during pregnancy. Where appropriate however, I am able to signpost clients to a range of other agencies and organisations that will be able to provide further information and guidance, on various aspects of physical wellbeing including pharmaceutical treatments for pregnancy sickness.

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