My Pregnancy Sickness Story

I endured relentless and debilitating pregnancy sickness symptoms for several months with each of my own pregnancies and I struggled to cope, both practically and emotionally. The second time around in desperation, I Googled ‘hyperemesis and counselling’ but could not find what I knew I needed to help me through.

More than a decade on, there is still a lack of professional psychological support services for women. As yet, I have been unable to locate any other counsellors in the UK with a specialist interest in pregnancy sickness.

Hyperemesis Counselling was founded in 2016 on the premise of being the service that didn’t exist when I needed it. My mission statement is to provide psychotherapeutic support to women (and partners) at any stage of pregnancy sickness. My aim is to work towards alleviating distress, reducing isolation and promoting recovery in women who are currently suffering, have suffered in the past or may suffer in the future with any degree of pregnancy sickness.

As a pregnancy sickness survivor and a qualified Counsellor, I feel privileged to be able to reach out and offer support to other women in the context of both my personal and professional experience.

In listening to other women’s stories of pregnancy sickness, I am struck by how unique each of our experiences are. At the same time I have also noticed many areas of common ground and shared understanding around how awful pregnancy sickness can be. Some women tell me that other women (and counsellors) who haven’t lived with pregnancy sickness “just don’t get it.”

Whilst I cannot promise to bring an end to your nausea or vomiting in counselling, I can and do strive to put an end to your feeling misunderstood, unheard and unsupported!