Academic Research

I have a specialist interest in pregnancy sickness care, having spent two years researching this, from a psychotherapeutic perspective, at the University of Edinburgh. This involved conducting an academic literature review of existing research papers and a field research study (telephone interviews with women who have lived with pregnancy sickness), culminating in a paper entitled ‘Women’s experiences of the therapeutic value of writing about pregnancy sickness.’

This post-graduate research study identifies a number of beneficial effects of writing expressively following one’s experiencing of pregnancy sickness. It recognises the importance of emotional expression and emotional care; and the value of offering women opportunities to have their thoughts and feelings around their pregnancy sickness experience heard and supported.

My research findings have contributed new knowledge to the field of pregnancy sickness and have been presented at various conferences including the 2nd International Colloquium on Hyperemesis Gravidarum in 2017.

I have had a number of papers published in (peer reviewed) academic and professional journals, including Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal (Jan 2018) and Counselling and Psychotherapy Research (Mar 2018).